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In the plane.

Ready, get set, ...

... go! This is not how you're meant to do a dive exit, I should have been facing the direction of flight...

... because otherwise ...

... you go all over the place!!

Not a good freefall position :-)


That's not too bad, if only my knees had been back a bit...


... then I wouldn't have done this...

When I get stable, I first have to do a backflip. (This one's slightly sideways!)

All the way over.

And get stable again.


Delta tracking - this is fast forward movement.


360 degrees right



I check my altitude - it's time for me to pull my parachute.

My parachute is opening... (this takes about 4 seconds).

The pilot chute (small white parachute) has just pulled the main (pink!) canopy out of the bag. Notice the line twists...

...that spin me 90 degrees to the right (but thankfully aren't any worse)

Parachute is almost open.

(The white "slider" slid down the lines just after this picture was taken, allowing the canopy to open fully).